Community Service Project Questionnaires for all Topics

Community Service Project Questions

Community Service Project Questionnaires for all Topics  
 Community Service Project by Name of the Student H.T Number Year& Group( Ex. II Year – II Sem-M.P.Cs) in Name of the Village/Municpality/Corporation/Mandal for the Academic Year 2021-22 

 Topic Selection 
1. Health and hygiene. 
2. Water Facility in their Locality. 
3. Agriculture and Agriculture products Marketing 
4. Village Entrepreneurship ( Village industries ) 
5. Literacy and education 
6. Implementation of state development programs 
7. Infrastructure availability ( In your Village) 
8. Cultural and traditional values 
9. Cooperative Societies 
10. Use of electronic home appliances 
11. Environmental protection 
12. Animal husbandry 
13. Sanitation systems 
14. Local tourism 
15. Digital transaction 
16. Transportation( public and private) 


  Common Questionnaires for all Topics 1. How many members in your home? 2. How many male and female persons? 3. How many adults and children in your home? 4. Literates and illiterates 5. Source of income a. agriculture b. labour c. Self employment 6. Number of Married / Unmarried Persons in the house? 7. Education facilities(availability) a. Yes b. No 8. Mode of transportation a. Public b. private c. self d. All 9. Residence a. Own house b. Rented house 10. Electricity a. APSPDCL b. Solar C. None 2 Cateogry-2 1.Health and hygiene. 1) Is everyone in your home healthy? A) Yes B) No 2) Are you getting good nutrients from your diet? A) Yes B) No 3) Is anyone in your house is suffering from malnutrition? A) Yes B) No 4) Do you go to a qualified doctor rather approaching an unqualified medical practioner for ailments? A) Yes B) No 5) Is the ANM in your hometown helping in minor treatments? A) Yes B) No 6) Are you using 108 free ambulance, provided by the government in case of emergency? A) Yes B) No 7) Are children and pregnant women in your family getting nutritious food from Anganwadi centre? A) Yes B) No 9) Do you follow to avoid spreading of communicable diseases? A) Yes B) No 10) Haveyou vaccinated? A) Yes B) No 2. Water Facility in their Locality 1. What are the sources of drinking water? A) Village B) Government supply C) Open well D) Bore well 2. Are there any surface water sources? A) Canals B) Rivers C) Springs D) Tanks 3. If municipal or village supply, whether the water is chlorinated or non-chlorinated? A) Yes B) No 4. What is the quality of water supply by public authorities? A) Pure B) Muddy C) Coloured D) Odour 5. What is the distance of water source from where you get drinking water?( 1) Very near B) Far away C) Too far away d) None 6. What is the mode of transport for getting drinking water? A) Bicycle B) Motor cycle C) Auto D) Other means 7. What are the sources of irrigation water? 1. Open well B) Bore well C) Canals D) Tanks 8. Are there any water pollution problems in your locality? A) Yes B) No 9. If there is pollution problem, what is the source for them? A) Drainage water B) Agriculture waste water C) Industries D) Others 10.Are there any water purification plants in your area? 3 A) Yes B) No 3. Agriculture and Agriculture products Marketing 1) What types of crops are grown in your fields? 1. Rain fed (b) Under water irrigation 2) If irrigation, what is the source of water? (a) Dug wells (b) bore wells (c) canals (d) springs 3) If under bore well, what methods do you use to save water? (a) Sprinkler (b) drip (c) pipe line (d) others 4) Which fertilizers do you use to grow crops? (a) Chemical (b) Organic (c) Bio-fertilizers (d) others 5) What kind of pesticides do you use to control plant diseases? (a) Chemical (b) Organic (c) Bio-pesticides (d) herbal 6) Which among the following do you use for ploughing the land? (a) Bullocks (b) Buffalos (c) Tractor (d) others 7) How do you control weeds? (a) Manual labour (b) Chemical (c) Machines 8) How do you harvest the crops? (a) Manual trashing (b) using animal (c) using machines 9) Where do you store the harvested crop? (a) In the house (b) in ware house (c) in cold storage 10) How do you transport the agricultural products? (a) Bullock carts (b) autos (c) tractors (d) trucks 11) How do you sell (do marketing) the agricultural products? (a) By yourself (b) Mediators (c) Market yard (d) Local sales 4. Village Entrepreneurship ( Village industries ) 1. How did you get your idea or concept for the business? a) Friends & family members b) Books & magazines c) Media & Internet d) Others 2. How many employees are there in your business? a) Less than 10 b) 10 to 20 c) 20-30 d) More than 30 3. What are you offering? a) Product b) Service 4. How do you advertise your product or service? a) Media b) News paper c) Pamphlets &flexi‟s d) Digital marketing e) Others 5. What made you to choose current location? a) Raw material availability b) Labour availability c) Finance facility d) Others 6. Do you work locally or nationally ? a) Locally b) Nationally 7. Have you ever turned down a client? a) Yes b) No 8. Why will people buy your product or service? a) Quality b) Low cost c) Post sale service d) Others 4 9. Does your organization help the community where it is located? a) Yes b) No 10. What are the problems your are facing? a) Finance availability b) Skilled labour c) Local infrastructure d) Marketing problem e) Others 5. Literacy and education 1) Are there any literate persons in your family? a) Yes b) No 2) How many are they ? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) more than 3 3) What is their occupation? a) Teacher b) Bank employee c) other 4) What is the type of employment? a) Government b) private 5) Are there any School going children in your family? a) Yes b) No 6) Do they receive any government schemes ? a) Yes b) No 7) Do you get any opportunities from education? a) Yes b) No 8) What type of employment do you get from education? a) Jobs b) Business c) other 9) Do you accept the use of technology in education? a) Yes b) No 10) What is your perception on “the use of technology in education “? Is it useful for students? a) Yes, It helps for student to acquire knowledge. b) No, It leads to reduce student‟s intelligence. 11) Do you believe Education help to bring changes in one‟s life? a) Yes, I believe b) No, I don‟t believe 12) Does Education have value ? a) Yes b) No 13) Do you observe any difference between literate and illiterate person? a) Yes, I observe. b) No , I don‟t observe. 6. Implementation of state development programs 1. What are the SCHEMES implemented by AP Government? 2. What are the schemes under NAVARATNAS? 3. Who are eligible for Navaratna schemes? a) White card holders b) Pink card holders c) Tax payers d) None of the above 4. Do you know how to avail the benefits of Navaratnas? 5 a) Yes b) No 5. How much financial assistance farmers will get under Rythu Bharosa Scheme? a) 13,500 b) 15,000 c) 10,000 d) 6,500 6. Is there any school established in your village under Nadu Nedu Scheme? a) Yes b) No 7. How much financial aid will be provided to a family for sending their students to the Government schools under AmmaVodi Scheme? a) 10,000 b) 13,500 c) 15,000 d) 3,000 8. How much financial assistance will be given to Auto, Taxi drivers/owners yearly under YSR VahanaMitra Scheme? a) 10,000 b) 13,500 c) 15,000 d) 5,000 9. Is anyone receiving the old age pension in your house? a) Yes b) No 10. Is your house constructed under PradhanMantriAwasYojana by the Andhra Pradesh Government in your village? a) Yes b) No 11. How much amount is received for eligible people under JaganannaCheyutha Scheme? a) 13,500 b) 18,750 c) 10,000 d) 5,500 12. Is anyone in your house receiving/ received amount under Jaganannacheyutha scheme? a) Yes b) No 13. Is anyone in your family is benefited with Arogya Shree Scheme? a) Yes b) No 14. Do you think 108 service is helpful? How? a) Yes b) No 15. Are you getting Ration by time? a) Yes b) No 16. Are you getting Ration delivery at home? a) Yes b) No 17. Do you know insurance claim to be received under YSR Bhima? a) Yes b) No 18. Does anyone in your family members claim the benefit under YSR Bhima? a) Yes b) No 19. Is your family benefited under AP JalDhara Scheme? a) Yes b) No 20. Is there any bribery in case of receiving any scheme? a) Yes b) No 21. Do you know in what ways GRAM SACHIVALAYAM is useful? 22. Do you think Andhra Pradesh State Government schemes beneficial to you? a) Yes b) No 6 7.Infrastructure availability ( In your Village) 1. Does your village have the rural infrastructure facilities? a)Yes b) No 2. How many main roads are constructed in your village? a)Yes b) No 3. Does your village have dams and water canal facilities? a)Yes b) No 4. Does your village have irrigational facilities? a)Yes b) No 5. Does your village have drainage system? a)Yes b) No 6. Is there rural housing facility in your village? a)Yes b) No 7. Does your village have Proper water supply? a)Yes b) No 8 .Does your village have electricity facility? a)Yes b) No 9. Does your village have health related facilities? a)Yes b) No 10. Do you know about telecommunication systems in your village? a)Yes b) No 8.Cultural and traditional values 1. Do you participate in traditional festivals held in your village? a)Yes b) No 2. Do you celebrate cultural activities in your village? a) Yes b) No 3. Do you share social values with your village people? a)Yes b) No 4. Do you prepare traditional food items in your village or town? a) Yes b) No 5. Do you get traditional dress in your village or town? a)Yes b) No 6. Do you celebrate festivals with your family? a) Yes b) No 7. Do you participate in any cultural dance or programmes in your village or town? a)Yes b) No 8. Do you conduct any cultural events or Practices in your village? a) Yes b) No 9. Does your village have any cultural organizations or committee? a)Yes b) No 10. Is your village famous for cultural or traditional festivals? a) Yes b) No 7 9. Cooperative Societies 1. Do you know about cooperative societies in your village or town? a)Yes b) No 2. What is the name of cooperative society in your village or town? a..ADCC b.SBI c. Sahara d. others 3. How many cooperative societies in your village or town? a).1 b).2 c).3 d).Nil 4. What is the large cooperative society in your village? a.ADCC b.SBI c. Sahara d. others 5. Do you have an account in your local society? a)Yes b) No 6. How many of you from your family have account in your local cooperative society? a).1 b).2 c)3 d).Nil 7. Does your family get any financial support from local cooperative societies? a)Yes b) No 8. Does cooperative society help your village in improving the standard of living? a)Yes b) No 9. Have you ever visited any cooperative society nearby you? a)Yes b) No 10. Did you help or support your family or village people to choose cooperative society? a)Yes b) No 11. Did anyone from your village get an opportunity in cooperative society in your village? a)Yes b) No 10.Use of electronic home appliances 1. How many electronic appliances do you have in your home ( ) (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) More than 4 2. What are the electronic appliances do you have in your home( ) (A) Refrigerator (B) Television (C) Mixer (D) Ceiling fan (E) All of the above 3. Which electronic appliances do you use the most in your daily life( ) (A) Air conditioner (B) Refrigerator (C) Television (D) Telephone 4. . Is solar energy better than electronic energy? A) Yes B) No 5. Which type of Solar energy appliances do you use in your home () (A) Solar water heater (B) Solar battery chargers (C) Solar powered fans (D) None of the above 6. Does Electronic (or) Gas stove consume more energy than micro-oven ? A) Yes B) No 7. Are you really addicted to the electronic appliances ? A) Yes B) No 8. Does Mixer belong to which type of electronic home appliances() (A) Food processor (B) Toaster 9. Do you take safety precautions while using with electronic appliances ? A) Yes B) No 10. Which type of stove do you use in your home () 8 (A) Wood burning stove (B) Gas heating stove (C) Electric heating stove (D) Induction stove 11. Environmental protection 1) What is Environmental Protection ? A) To save water sources B) To save land resources C) To save forests D) All the above 2) What are the chances of Environment to get affected ? A) Firewood burning B) Plastics disposal C) Compost dumping in bins D) A$B 3) In order to protect your Environment, whatare the precautionary steps that would you take ? ( Collect answer from the subject) 4) How can you protect the Agricultural lands from pollution by using Chemical pesticides ? a. Use of Cattle dung C) Use of Biofertilizer b. Use of Biopesticides D)Prefer Organic farming 5) What are the measures that you take to control Air Pollution in your area ? A) Avoid burning of Firewood. B) Plastic Burning C) Growing plants. D) Both A& C 6) How you will try to protect water resources (eg:-canals, rivers, ponds) from pollution ? A) Yes. B) No 7) Does your Municipal Authorities make arrangements to disposal of wastes ? a. Yes b. No 8) Do you agree with microbial degradation of wastes is easier and better ? a. Agree b. Disagree 9) Where do the people of your locality dump the waste ? A) Dust bins B) Garbages vehicle C) Surroundings. D) None 10)What are the steps that you take to prevent Soil Erosion ? A) Deforestation B) Mulching or less tillage C) Avoid over irrigation D) Growing plants across the fields 11) Are there any Endangered species of Livestock present in your area ? A) Yes B) No. ( If yes Name that animal) 12) How can you protect your surrounding environment from different sources of damage ? a. Use of organic fertilizers b. Disposal of waste in compost pit 9 c. Avoid burning of plastics and firewood d. All the above 13) Does the people of your locality dispose wastes as Wet and Dry wastes ? a. Yes b. No 12. Animal husbandry 1. What type of cattle is used by the holder? a) Buffalo b)Sheep c)Goat d)Sheep and goat 2. Who takes care of cattle in your home? a) Father b) Mother c)Grandfather d)Son/daughter 3. Number of sheep/goats do you own? a) 20 b) 50 c) 60 d) Less than 100 4. Are you growing goats for meat? a) Yes b) No 5. Do you use goats/sheep for breeding purpose? a) Yes b) No 6. Are you growing buffaloes for milk? a) Yes b) No 7. How many litres of milk you sell each day? a) Less than 5lts b) 5-10lts c) 10-20lts d)More than 20lts 8. Which animal do you use for ploughing the land? a) Oxen b) Bullocks c) tractors 9. How many goats/sheep suffer from diseases during the last 12 months? a) 1 b) 2 c) 4 d) 6 10. Do you vaccinate your cattle regularly? a) Yes b) No 13. Sanitation systems 1. Is “SWACCHA BHARATH” program beneficial ? A) Yes B) No 2. Do you know the solid domestic wastage (garbage) should be separated dry and wet? A) Yes B) No 3. Where do you store the domestic garbage and where do you dispose it? A) government garbage vehicle B) throwing outside the village C) personal manure pits D) Throwing on roads or in to drinage 4. Do you know that many illnesses are susceptible to you if unscientific garbage disposal methods are used? A) Yes B) No 5. Do you use your toilet in the house? If so, what type of toilet? A) Flush toilet B) Pit toilet C) Bio-gas linked toilet D) Open toilet 6. Do only women in your family use the toilet in your house? A) Yes B) No 7. Do you regularly wash your hands and do you know the technique of hand washing? A) Yes B) No 10 8. Do you follow hygiene steps while cooking in your family? A) Yes B) No 9. How often do you clean the surroundings of your house? A) Yes B) No 10. Do you wash your hands with soap after every defecation? A) Yes B) No 14.Local tourism 1. What are the tourism spots nearby your Town? 2. Are there any heritage Tourism spots nearby your locality? 3. How to reach the tourist spot? (Mode of Transportation) 4. What are the accommodation facilities for tourists in your Town? 5. Is there any Religious tourism center in or nearby your locality? 6. Does tourism Increase financial development of your Town? 7. How much importance the tourism has been for your community? 8. What are the Opportunities tourism offers for all in Locals? 9. Which type of business opportunities are there at your Town? 10.What are the local government programs on tourism in your town? Note: - Collect photographs and Data should be shown in necessary graphs? 15.Digital transaction 1. Do you use your phone for any digital transactions? a) Yes b) No 2. How many members of your family are using digital transactions ? 3. What‟s your preferred payment apps for bills and utilities? a) Paytm b) Google Pay c) phonepe d)Amazon pay 4. Why do you prefer paying through these payment apps? a) Convenience b) cashbacks c) multiple payment methods d) better user experience 5. Which service do you pay using these apps? a) Electricity Bills b) postpaid Recharge c) postpaid bill d) mutual funds e) Insurance 6. Have you ever lost money in digital transactions? a) yes. b) No 7. What are the major barriers of online banking? a) Don‟t trust the bank security b) don‟t have a secured computers c) Finding the technology difficulty d) no barriers 8. Do you think using digital transactions make your life easier? a) yes. b) No 9. Do you trust the online banking services? a)yes. b) No 11 10. Digital payment system saves your time and money? a) agree. b) strongly agree c) disagree. d) strongly disagree 16. Transportation( public and private) 1. Do you own a two wheeler? a. Yes b. No 2. Which type of transportation do you feel comfortable for journey? a. Bus b. Train c. Car d. Other 3. What kind of public transportation is available in your locality? a. Bus b. Train c. Both d. None 4. Do you park your vehicle in „No Parking‟ area? a. Yes b. No 5. Do you think is it good to allow men into ladies compartments in trains? a. Yes b. No 6. Do you agree bicycle as environmental pollution free transport? a. Yes b. No 7. Have you ever travelled on the back of a horse or camel? a. Yes b. No 8. Are you satisfied with berth in sleeper bus? a. Yes b. No 9. What means of payment is comfortable for journey fair? a. Cash b. Debit/Credit Card c. Online payment 10. Do you make a train/bus ticket reservation/cancellation by online? a. Yes b. No 11. Do you think private transportation is too expensive? a. Yes b. No 12. How often do you use public transportation? a. Daily b. Weekly c. Several times 13. Does sudden increase of petrol/diesel rates effect on fair cost? a. Yes b. No 14. Does transport system Uber/Ola work on time? a. Yes b. No 15. Is mobile app like „Where is my train‟ useful for the passengers? a. Yes b. No