PhD awarded to G.Indravathi, Lecturer in Biotechnology

G.Indravathi, Lecturer in Biotechnology
G.Indravathi, Lecturer in Biotechnology

 Kurnool City: 

Smt. G Indravathi, Incharge, Dept. of Biotechnology at  K.V.R Govt college for women (Autonomous), Kurnool. was awarded Doctor of Philosophy by JNTU, Ananthapuram. She did her research work on the topic 'Enhancing Acclimatization of tissue culture raised plants by Biotization' under the guidance of Dr Pakala Suresh Babu, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Tirupati. Through this research work tissue culture studies was conducted on a Potential medical plant - Albizia amara belonging to the family Leguminaceae. The strategy employed to improve the survival rate of tissue culture plants during acclimatization was unique in studies. It was achieved using Auxin dip method & Bio-inoculants which enhanced secondary metabolites of tissue culture plants that played a key role in  improving plant survival rate during transplantation from lab to land. 

In this regard, the principal of KVRGCW(A), Dr M.Indira Santhi and Vice-Principal of the college Dr K.Veerachari and other faculty of the college expressed their best wishes to Dr G.Indravathi.  🎉

Dr.G Indravathi Biotechnology

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