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 Tamasha Bollywood movie released in 2015, approx 87 cr,
If you are looking for Deep analysis of tamasha movie |  directed by imtiaz ali, this page will provide free analysis theories and positive analysis of characters in this film ved and tara. Motivational new hindi movies online. 

Tamasha  : sound of heart of a mediocre. 
दूसरों को खुश करने के लिए तमाशा दिल से बनाया जाता हैं।

Character : ved positive analysis ( Ranbir kapoor

The life story starts with a boy, his name is “ Ved ” living in shimla, India.
Ved motivated by hearing stories from guru jji and school teacher. 
Ved is a good listener and he is “ connecting characters in stories ”  [ western stories – Indian epics, Romeo Juliet – Lyla majnu, Aladdin, Joseph heller etc.]
Deeply thinking in epic stories, he will become creative thinker and designing new characters through visual imagination power. 
Having Patience for the right time.
Watching cinema’s in weekends and living in characters, for example ‘ Chandramukhi, South Indian film ’.
He is having technological and  creative presentation skills to work in Mercury telecom as an Entrepreneur doing efforts and focusing on growth of telecommunications.
Self dependent person : cleaning his own car, cooking food etc. 
Ved is a well behaved, polite, decent person and many Soft Skills you can observe in Ved ( hero).
Helping others, Accepting issues and challenges with cool mind.


Character : Tara positive analysis ( deepika padukone

आत्मनिर्भर self dependent person. 
Taking long breath before doing good work. 
We can learn fashion, trust, eye contact – communication, mentally strong and emotional balancing skills.
Work dedicated ( doing assignment 
Sensible, intelligent character. 
 TaraVedSimilarities and equivalent skills
She likes Traveling
• China
• Kolkata 
 Travel and explore
• Discovering new places
• shimla
Peak memories :
• Corsica ( France),
• Delhi ( India),
• Tokyo ( Japan)
• Learning French
• Visiting sunset point
• Comics reading habit
• Social library :
books reading habit

•   Books used :
• 50 beautiful mouses in India.
• Comic asterix in corsica.
• CATCH-22 Joseph heller
• Attending parties and events.• Attending Parties,
• Pub culture. 
• Attending occasion ,
birthday parties, marriages etc.
• Accepting mistakes
• Say sorry
• अपनी गलती माननेवाला
• taking back what he said
Apologize skills 
• Dancing skills
• Listening skills
• Music
 • Dance +
• Listening skills
• Stories and music
• Hop
• Hear
• Eating western style food
• Like new dishes to eat
• Like Japanese food
• Enjoy taste of food
• Both are parallel
French , indian food
• Nature lover
• Wildlife passion
• Talking with mountains,
• Drinking pure river water
• Scenery devotion
• Think the world of worship 

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Many more Scientific theories in tamasha movie

Mirror theory explained in this movie, after watching this video clip sure you can understand mirror theory in tamasha hindi movie. Some times ved talking himself in front of one mirror, sometimes talking in front of three mirrors. 
Click here to watch mirror theory video : Click here to watch

You can see many mediocre ‘s in life, sometimes our self, our friends are mediocre [ our desires is different. But we are doing some other professional job for others happiness = mediocre] 

Mediocre symptoms : No friends – No friends circle to Ved character in tamasha film, only few office employees / workmates you can see in the (  tamasha full length movie) this it hero and heroine doing friendship with comic and epic  books. 

Mediocre always appreciate and think positive about another person’s life. 

Tamasha movie science
Theory of another world : as per this theory everyone having another world. 
Ved is clearly explained people don’t know ( inside sand, outside pearl. 
Science In tamasha movie : another world rules, law, tradition’s are different from this world. 

One of auto rikshaw driver in Delhi city, India. But in another world actually he is a singer in इलाहाबाद Allahabad.  Ved will appreciate to driver hairstyle and singing skills. 

Ved working as a product manager in Delhi, actually very less friends, less talking in office. But in another world ved drinking limited alcohol telling poetry in night life. 

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Theory of opportunities : life always gives two different choices, one is flowers way, another challenging painful way. 

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Theory of creative thinker : ved listening many stories in life and creating “ interpol  ” officer character in Corsica with his visual imagination powers. 

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Philosophical Stage fear theory : ved is not able to talk In front of tara 1:15. loss of eye contact with tara, not ready to talk In front of one person ( tara). But the same ved story telling in front of many people at coursica, France. 
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Tamasha Bollywood  full length movie Click here to watch tamasha full length movie

Time lapse theory in Tamasha movie 2015 : ved worrying about time, Run Run Run good time why will complete very fast.
वेद को लगता है कि Run Run Run अच्छा समय इतना ज़ल्दी क्यूं बीत जाता है ?
Ved like to PAUSE Time and Age.
Ved parents telling if you wasted your time. You have to do Double hardwork. But ved is worrying about choosing himself to reach new destination and acting like a mediocre.

What is mediocre? 

Mediocre don’t know how to react with partner, attracting towards depression. 

Who is mediocre? 

Watch full length video clip  Click here to watch full length video

Mediocre symptoms ? 

Mental stage : we cant control our emotions. 
Over drinking and unconscious. 

How to identify mediocre ?

Ved confused with inside and outside world. 
Discussing about “ Orgonic economics ”  in Product presentation. 
How to overcome the problem of mediocre?
Ved life partner is Tara
She teaches her to come out from mediocre, you have another world, your favourite destination is different than your profession.
As per this story : places are different in the world. But stories are same.
Finally Ved will discover his favorite real character and profession.

Theame of tamasha : Every ved need tara.

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Few words from my heart  About imtiaz ali direction : superb character’s shaped by Tamasha team deeply connected with Grandfather – situation of migrant workers before independence.
What we have to focus is on while doing business or company job.
Interlinking :  father – bansuri music skills,
Importance of guruji teachings ( teacher  in our  life)
Dear reader’s now you know about

Who you are  ?
What you want ?

Imtiaz Ali 

- Specially I like the music bgm of ( coursica, France)
- V. Good  locations
- Travel oriented film.
- First time I’m seen in movies “ Volcano of Japan “

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