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Suggestions to improve NAAC process, Tips to get NAAC A Grade,  Requirements for NAAC A Grade

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 Blog 2022: NAAC Process 

Best Practices

  • Contributing 'COVID Relief fund' and Providing to the needy. 
  • Offering Books and Sports Kits to the Meritorious Students.

Green Practices

  • NO Plastic Initiative
  • Recharging of Borewells 

Full Forms List - NAAC.

Q) What is NAAC full form?

Q) What is DVV full form?
A) Data Validation and Verification.

Q) What is SSR full form?
A) Self-Study Report.
Q) What is AQAR full form?
A) Annual Quality Assurance Report.

Q: What is ODL in NAAC?
A: Open and Distance Learning.

Q) What is IMS full form in NAAC?
A) Issue Management Software.

Q) What is NEP 2020 full form?
Q) What is DMUs full form?
A) Dual Mode Universities. 
Q) What is QA full form?
A) Quality Assurance.

Q) What is OUs full form?
A) Open Universities. 
Q) What is HEIs full form?
Q) What is AISHE full form?
A) All India Survey on Higher Education. 

Q) What is SSS full form?
A) Student Satisfaction Survey.

Q) What is IIQA full form?
A) Institutional Data and Information for Initial Quality Assessment.

Q) What is EC full form?

A) Executive Committee. 

Q) What is Au full form?

A) Autonomous College

Q) What is Aff UG full form?

A) Affiliated Undergraduate College. 

Q) What is Aff PG full form?

A) Affiliated Postgraduate College. 

Q) What is CGPA full form in NAAC?
A) Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Q) What is LTI full form in NAAC?

A) Letter of Intent.

Q) What is IQAC full form?
A) NAAC-Internal Quality Assurance Cell.

Q) What is GYAS full form in NAAC?

A) Global Yoga Accreditation Summit.

Q) What is the full form of ERP?

Q) What are MIS Reports in NAAC? 

Q) What is ERP full form in NAAC? 



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How Many Criteria in NAAC Assessment and Accreditation?  

There are seven criteria in NAAC: 

  1. Curricular Aspects.
  2. Teaching-Learning & Evaluation.
  3. Research, Consultancy & Extension.
  4. Infrastructure & Learning Resources.
  5. Student Support & Progression.
  6. Governance, Leadership & Management.
  7. Innovations & Best Practices.