Can drones fly with wind power? | Survival Drones |

Flying Drones with wind power!

Drones flying with solar power

in past flying drones with Lithium Battery. But Now we can fly the drones with solar panels (self energy generation and storing in Li-on) 

is it possible to fly the drone with wind energy ?

The cars are flying in the air.
Flights are flying in the air. Why not Drones? 

 The big question "is it possible to fly the drone with wind energy"?

If it's possible future survival rescue drones may help you quickly and accurately in any climate. It can supply first aid kits, water and food. 

  Wind Power Drones

Future how? The Taxi Drones can full fill our Primary needs or not. 

We have to build a strong transportation network for disaster management services and rescue operations. 
The Flying Taxi Drones run with fuel, Li-On, Solar and Wind Power. The Taxi Drone may survive in any situation in any climate.