Through this process your site can get the AdSence Approval on Multilingual Website | Multiple Languages in Blogposts #Blogger

language attribute: hi=Hindi. 

The use of Indian languages in the blogging is most important in this context the use of Multiple Indian languages in the blogging, especially through the blogger platform. 

How to use two languages in same blog?

Many efforts have been made in this direction. Many Indian bloggers have made efforts in this direction with commitment, 24x7 efforts made in this direction at the blogger-experiment level. 

But how can these efforts be intensive, strength & what's the challenges and problems in this regard this needs to be considered. The Indian bloggers will keep their views through YouTube. 

dscquizonline is one of our subdomain on Blogger has got AdSence Approval based on Multilingual posts in same subdomain. Please visit to read the policy pages for Telugu, English, Odia, Urdu, Tamil, Hindi, 

we can use a different language attribute in the each and every blogpost. The crawler will recognize the language.