Top 6 Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques #SMART


The Ultimate Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques @SMART

Top 10 stress management techniques

We have to take stress as a positive way. Because we have to reach our goals in day to day life.
By nature human is a lazy. Without pressure we can’t complete the work within time. Positive stress motivate us to complete the work.

If work completed, it’s happy ( coming out of the stress).

Reasons for stress


Personal problems



Government policies

Rules and regulations

[A] Social stress

social stress comes related with meetings, relative functions.
ap dsc tube

60 to 70% stress from our job work pressure. Deadlines, couligs relationships, business returns etc.
Our life is controlled by the government directly or indirectly.

[B] Family relationships Health and wealth of family determines the pressure On the family.

how to increase positive stress ?

We have to increase our positive stress level through mind practice.

how to identify stress ?

many goals,
multi tasking.etc reasons for more stress

If once if you fall in stress, your immunity will down.

Relaxation techniques in managing the stress.

Solutions for stress

We can increase positive stress level and mind by practice.

list of Mind exercises useful for maintaining positive stress

1. body level :
stress comes from some harmone in our body.
If you do fitness exercise every day the happy harmone will release and stress will manage.

2 physical level

3. Mind level:
simple mind exercises, just sit in straight posture,
close your eyes and recall z-a "read in mind".

Practice Table.1 (Z to A)
Practice Table.2 (AZ-BY)

Sometimes your mind will oppose the task. But you have to force your brain to complete the task.

Practice Table.3 (ABC-XYZ,DEF-UVW-)

ABC-XYZDEF-UVWThree alphabets as per your strength

Practice Table.4 (one alphabet with number)

Z 26Y 25X 24Continue up to A 1.

4. Time

alphabets you can complete within 5 minutes. It’s conditioning effort.

5.Controlling level

Day and date backward revise in mind

Odd number s backwards revise in mind

Even numbers backward.

Number s backwards,


any subtraction 100-7=93,

" without lip movement. Only think in mind."

Scanning relaxation techniques

Simple, we have many images / impressions in our mind for thoughts, for example think and imagine in meditation "India, national flag, concentrate between two eyebrows. Think deep. 10 seconds,, mother, father, logo of organization, yellow rose, focus on particular image."

6. Intellectual level

Visualization technique for stress management , "think and visual in mind _ forest, waterflow, sound, beauty of nature, creative imaginary."

Endogenic training,

thinking about self,

sit any position and close your eyes and listen,

Creative imaginary,

say yourself to mind,

I want to relax for five minutes,

it’s my personal time,

I have to relax,

I will not talk about other things,.

Mold your right leg fingers and release,

tell to your brain, I am relaxing the right leg, ankle, concentrate on your right knee, and tie,

feel you are relaxing right leg,.

Now left leg concentrate on, fingers, same.

I am relaxing both my legs,
now I want to relax my back, concentrate,

I want to relax my right hand, thumb, index, middle finger fold and release ring finger, little finger, elbows joint, arm, mussels,
left hand. First thumb finger. Press and release,
Shoulder, I am relaxing both my hands,
it’s my personal time,

Feel facial mussels relaxing :
Concentrate on forehead,
I am relaxing my fore head, eyebrows, feel, eyelips without pressure close.

Normal breathing,
I want to relax my lips, smile on the face.

I want to relax for one more technique,

Feel you are in park. Imagine just.

imagine - Trees, beautiful, I am enjoying, I am relaxing., mountains ice feel.

for example Imagine two rabbits running on green carpet of the grass,.

feel , imagine - One road in a forest, winter climate, both sides green trees, I want to relax 2 more minutes.

I am not destructed at any moment .

Think about your strengths.
Think about your happy days from past memories.
Now, think about your problems,
who is created the problem,
think positive,
what is your efforts,
how much time to solve it.

Now open your eyes.

Questions : how are you feeling now ?
“ I will not worry about the problems which I can’t solve “ When you have a problem. Think about the solution.

If you find the error, you may know solution also for this error.

Do, Meditation

Is there is no god, we have to invent one.

"prepare your wish list, desire list is very big. Think When you are working everything should done by me. "
Body level, not less than 30 minutes physical exercises must. Endorsin's will release.
10. 30 pm to +7 or +8 hrs sleeping is very important.
follow Breathing techniques. Slow deep breathing, Sit straight count 20 numbers in inhale, exhale. In mind.

Intellectual level, self analysis,
SWOT:  strengths, week points, opportunities, Threads,.
Time management.

Hobby follow 2 to 3 hrs.' in a week or ½ per day.

Potassium, Sulphur, sodium in vegetable and fruit s =helpful in peace of mind.

Drinking water for stress management.
Every hour if possible we can do 30 seconds mind exercise.

Stretching hands and legs time to time, etc.

Walking with music : some persons.

Listen stress relaxation music, flute, guitar, etc.
How to control emotions?

Emotional balance, mindset.
Anger is a spark, before you react just wait for two minutes and think about it.

by prof Mahesh Kumar, soma Mahesh Kumar.
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