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Top 6 Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques #SMART

  The Ultimate Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques @SMART We have to take stress as a positive way. Because we have to reach our goals in day to day life. By nature human is a lazy. Without pressure we can’t complete the work within time. Positive stress motivate us to complete the work. If work completed, it’s happy ( coming out of the stress). Reasons for stress Government Personal problems Family Job Government policies Rules and regulations [A] Social stress social stress comes related with meetings, relative functions. ap dsc tube 60 to 70% stress from our job work pressure. Deadlines, couligs relationships, business returns etc. Our life is controlled by the government directly or indirectly. [B] Family relationships Health and wealth of family determines the pressure On the family. how to increase positive stress ? We have to increase our positive stress level through mind practice. how to identify stress