The Secret Behind Intermittent Fasting । 9 Amazing Intermittent Fasting Hacks

Note: i am not "Dr.manikantam". but i'm a blog designer "Manikanth". Half knowledge is harmful, i Request you to read complete article and discuss with your health care provider if necessary.

what is intermittent Fasting ?

fasting 16 hours "Sixteen hours a day fasted" it is the absence of food during a prescribed time period.
Expensive intermittent Fasting is cool, free, flexible, it's fairly simple if you skip brekfast in the morning.
if most americans consumed three meals a day and no snacks. fast forward to today, most of what we are doing as americans is eating three meals a day and snaking all they long. Really
When you're fasting, you can absolutely consume things like filtered water, plain coffe or Tea. science of intermittent fasting :
science of all this things equally important as much as food is important.what is the important ? answer : Not Eating, as much as eating is important, not eating is important. The secret of health is not in eating, it isn't not eating okay. that we call as intermittent fasting.

Amazing Intermittent Fasting Hacks

Eating all day long overtaxes our pancreas and our digestive system. it overtaxes it so much that cannot work properly. If it cannot work properly, we cannot absorb our food or the nutrients in the food. another really important distinction , when it comes to meal frequency, how frequently we're eating is the debate over Sugar burners Vs Fat burners. sugar burner is someone that consumes lots of carbohydrates and taps into glucose as their primary fuel source, which is incredibly sharp contrast to this are fat burners, they tap into fat stores for energy. They have sustained energy, they are much more clear cognitively, they don't get hungry, they sleep better and they age more slowly.

what is the logic of intermittent fasting ?

intermittent fasting the logic is very simple, you don't want a abnormal insulin response . when you take our rate high in response and you take protein moderate instant response. when you take fat there is little insulin response. when you dont take food at all there is no insulin response . you cannot fast continuously through the Guinness Book of record for fasting is 382 days the guy didn't die. some jains fast continuously for one week even more they do nothing happens to them they become more healthy.

what are the advantages in intermittent fasting ?

there are great advantages in intermittent fasting , scientific side : when you fast the first thing your insulin level drops and it spikes growth hormone.

what will do growth hormone ?

growth hormone do, it builds your muscles and it burns your fat. That is why we need to go on intermittent fasting, any system works only if it isn't intermittently.
science : what it did. i assume all of you take lot of carbohydrates barring a few you cannot go get into the intermittent fasting suddenly. So,enough slowly we can adopt intermittent fasting. what we are trying to do that extended little by little. So, breakfast at 7 am in the morning , if postpone every other day, slowly take it to a sixteen hrs.when you cut the corbohydrate, fat whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian source you increase the fat content of your food. what happens when you take fat. The hunger goes off. So, by reducing the corbohydrate in increasing the fact what type of fat visitings can take . in your fasted state the body burns fat. if two sources to the body, one is carbohydrate (sugar) and another one is fat.
The Secret Behind Intermittent Fasting alternate for exercise more, eat less. the concept of "calories-in, calories-out" is just not effective.when you eat frequently eating may be crucial. why you eat quality food is betterthan quantity food. what to eat for breckfast best quality protein that your budget permits.

intermittent fasting in telugu

ఉపవాసం 16 గంటలు "రోజుకు పదహారు గంటలు ఉపవాసం" ఇది నిర్ణీత కాలంలో ఆహారం లేకపోవడం.

intermittent fasting in hindi

उपवास 16 घंटे "सोलह घंटे उपवास" दिन  में एक निर्धारित समय अवधि के दौरान भोजन की अनुपस्थिति है।

2/3 of women 40-50 yr age are overweight and morethan 1/2 are obese. women gain in average of 1.5 pounds per year in their 50's and 60's

advantages of intermittent fasting

intermittent fasting benefits
save money
can help fuel Fat loss
also can improve interpersonal relationships
self esteen, self confidence
improves our cholesterol profile
reduce your risk for developing cancer
helping to protect our brain
but it's not for everyone
what to eat for intermittent fasting ?
coconut oil, grass fed-butter and buts really great , healthy fats , green leafy vegetables, squash, quinoa, sweet potatoes.
when the problem will come ? if you are a diabetic, if you are snaking all times or taking some medicines you have to careful. patients you meet your doctor and discuss about i am going on this diet, i am going on a fast, if you are not careful some times suger level very low , great issues you have to face, because intermittent fasting not scuitable for some persons.
intermittent Fasting is good. but it's not for everyone. if you are a child, adolescent or age greater than 70 might not be the best strategy, if you are pregnant , if you have heart issues , kidney or renal other issues intermittent Fasting is not the best strategy for you. If you have a history of a disordered relationship with food, whether it is anorexia, bulimia,low mass body index, or binge eating might not be the best strategy. Because it can invoke those tendencies. cautionary tale :- i want you to limit sugar and alcohol and keep your self well hydrated.