Micro Teaching advantages, Micro Teaching in India , Origin of the micro teaching, Features of micro teaching skills

 Micro Teaching Introduction :- 

Micro Teaching
method is a cyclic process to improve teaching skills. Micro Teaching concept is Introduced by Dwight w. Allen in 1963 approx.  “micro teaching Kya Hai ”  माइक्रो टीचिंग क्या है
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Higher education system of India – micro teaching: 

Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed. ) class will divide in to small groups and they will teach in their group. . 5-6 students sitting in U shape around the teacher,    finally teacher Gets genuine written feedback ( micro teaching report ) . using rating book for measuring some skills.

 Micro Teaching in India : 

second year , third or fourth semester syllabus of Teacher Training Course. “Micro teaching in B.Ed.”  “d el ed micro teaching d.el.ed ” “micro teaching B.Ed. 1st year
Who invented micro teaching ?
Who discovered micro teaching ?

Who introduced micro teaching ?

Micro Teaching Founder :  micro teaching given by Dwight w. Allen in 1963 approx. @ Stanford university .

“micro teaching janak , micro teaching ke janak ” .माइक्रो टीचिंग के जनक 

Origin of the micro teaching ?

Micro teaching origin is Stanford University.
Who introduced micro teaching in India ?
Micro teaching was introduced in India by D.D.TIWARI 1967 approx. @ Central pedagogical Institute, Allahabad, U.P.

micro teaching is useful to students of which class ?
Who is pre-service teacher: Teacher Trainee student is called pre-service teacher. micro teaching is useful to students of Education and Training department.

Mini Teaching Merits:-

FFF: For Fast Feedback – micro teaching meaning is less number of students, short time, small topic, special focus one skill for one time. It’s easy to identify the drawbacks in effective teaching by rating, improve it through Re-plan, Re-teach. Teacher can use sources for focus on one skill.

  Micro teaching in education :

Challenges in higher education system of India – micro teaching:

 less number of classrooms and resources in some private Teacher training institutions to practice micro teaching skill. Guide: student ratio.

Micro Teaching advantages

positive classroom environment by small group of teacher trainees and one guide.  Micro teaching practice designed under B.Ed. curriculum for 7 minutes.

  •          Time management in introduction, explanation of lesson.
  •          We (teachers) can realize our faults in teaching – explaining in front of observers.
·         Inventions of new teaching style by pre-service teachers.

Ideas for a micro teaching session :-

·         Creative ideas : One of my friend ( Ghasiram ) invented new teaching style  related to “Traffic signals lesson ”.  Sample image : “ideas for teaching Traffic signals topic” .png

We are the students (pre – service teachers): 

Features of micro teaching skills:

  • Improvement in teaching styles. 
  • Good understanding of Classroom management. 
  • We can record video footage watch it with colleagues for observation and get suggestions. 
  • Genuine feedback, suggestions, remarks observed by colleagues and pre – service teachers.
  •  Instantly teacher will update the lesson plan, implement the suggestions.

Benefits of micro teaching : micro teaching uses

·         Micro teaching benefits are many .,

  •          Get good response / remarks.
  •          Adopt / create latest teaching styles for New Gen kids. ( next generation pupils )
  •          Real teaching experience to pre-service and in-service / deputation teachers.
  •          Colleagues can quickly identify faults in teaching lesson to small group.
  •         Teaching strategy will improve.
  •          Content explanation and assessment related outcomes.

Focus on one teaching skill at a time advantage to observe and responsive analysis , it’s very useful to re-plan and re-teach.

Virtual micro teaching approach: may be some challenges, we have to face in virtual teaching observation.

Real micro teaching: teaching in front of small group of students and observers, with observer comments and remarks we can identify our faults particular skill in teaching. Now a day’s pupil’s behavior is different than traditional education. So 21st century teachers need many micro skills to grab a pupil attention.

Stages of micro teaching:
Functions of micro teaching:

It’s a cyclic process continues efforts to achieve success in particular skill

Uses of micro teaching: 

it’s very useful to B.Ed. students (Bachelor of Education). Present in India, pre – service and in-service (deputation) teachers also developing micro teaching skill.

  •          Re-Training workshops organized for teachers by government.
  •          Professors also participating in Refresher Courses, Teaching skill development programs.
  •          Self, recording of video lectures useful to self observation and we can send it to guide, through link.

Read also : microteaching Disadvantages
micro teaching limitations :

  • limited students, topic and time.
  •  Limited days for practice .

learning improvement in micro-teaching.

Microteaching introduced in NCERT in 1978 inn teacher education framework came into implementation in T.T.C and B.Ed. colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana from 2003.

You have to choose a single skill for improvement in teaching style. 5-10 students, 5-10 minutes. These skills will improve through micro-teaching Reading skills, explanation skills, blackboard skills, and questioning skills.

Stages in micro-teaching

Knowledge improving stage in micro-teaching. understanding the concepts from the topic and explaining well in a short time. Easy to measure errors in the last class.
Skills improvement stage in micro-teaching, making unique lesson plans if need ready to re-teach.
Teaching skills connecting co-relation between topics and subjects. English 2 heritage, Hindi 2 Science, etc.

Goals of micro-teaching

Self-motivation to make and utilization of teaching aids.
Teaching difficult concepts in an easy way and general to a specific approach.
Discovering new teaching skills.
motivating children to do good works through participant observation.
Teaching aids will impress children, excitement emotion in children it will connect good academic teacher-student relationships.

Benefits of micro-teaching

Teacher trainee students/ pre service teachers easy to achieve grand success in teaching field through micro teaching observation.

सभी छात्राध्यापक सूक्ष्म शिक्षण के माध्यम से शिक्षण देने से और सूक्ष्म शिक्षण का निरीक्षण करने से बुलान्दारियों को छूना आसन हैं ।

Teachers and students both Life skills will improve through Reinforcement skills in micro-teaching.

If all team members are your friends in the micro-teaching practice group. Teachers and learners can get tips to improve effective teaching skills.

We can easily achieve a single skill at a time.
We can do research on effective teaching methods of 2021. Theories of micro-teaching

Microteaching theory is you can create good relations between teaching theory and practical teaching.