Difficulties and solutions in Micro Teaching


Solutions and Suggestions

Problems in Micro Teaching

Noise in class and not being in class discipline.

• Some time charts and diagrams are not clear teaching material because while drawing chart / picture marker hitting the light colored , the pictures created with them can be a too short in micro-learning.

• Spelling errors and ambiguity in pronunciation when teaching another language.

• Influence of mother tongue / slang in other language teaching.

• The students do not give feedback after teaching the lesson (students of the class who have heard the lesson). While giving feedback to the trainee students feel as his friend / class mate, he does not reveal any shortcomings and errors in it.

• Sometimes students are unable to display the subject matter properly due to restlessness.

• Teaching the spelling skills lesson by telling the picture of the fish like the chosen subject matter and skills do not match.

• Playing with list ( stick) duster or chalk piece while asking questions.

• Anger at the students repeating the question repeatedly due to the lack of voice of the teacher.

• Non-adherence to time in micro-learning and failure in time management.

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Solutions and Suggestions in Micro Teaching

Tell students to sit in, while unnecessary standing, instructing before asking questions & eye contact, trying to bring voice to class level + focus on choosing the subject matter, will color for chart presentations and chosen skills match in the teaching material or not? take care.

Teaching with confidence, focusing on classroom discipline, making lesson plans on your own. Give feedback - transparency in taking, do not play with the writer while explaining the text.

• Focusing on blackboard work, teaching the same skill in micro teaching. Micro-teaching time may be from 5:00 to 10:00 minutes. Make sure that your voice is heard by all the students.

• Tell your fellow student- teachers to give feedback well. After taking feedback, try to correct the shortcomings with skills.

Observe the lesson taught by your class mates (pay attention to class planning, lesson planning, student participation, blackboard work, teaching material, classroom arrangement, topic presentation, teaching method and criticism).

When teaching in the primary and upper primary level class, pay attention to the simulated reading by children. Try to teach pronunciation related lessons in the incoming class by recognizing the incorrect pronunciation and also give your supplementary lesson to the children in the previous class and give feedback related to the classroom discipline.

After asking the questions, give all students a chance to answer. Read the lesson plan carefully at least 3 times before teaching it in class.

Micro teaching conclusion 

Develop a dictionary in students + Classroom management [There are chances of problems related to classroom management] while doing micro-teaching] You can definitely develop skills through micro-teaching. Along with language, we should learn many topics like drawing topics, drawing and focusing on blackboard work + handling the classroom.

Make your class interesting with teaching-Learning students centered environment connecting to real life events & reinforcement for creative / experimental children.

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